Old Pub, New Branding!

After nearly 30 years we’re going to be changing our branding…

There are some brands that are timeless. Think Apple or Hugo Boss. These fashionable brands are easily recognisable from their stylish products and synchronous design, unfortunately we cannot say the same about our own design work.

Our founder had many hopes for the Green Dragon Pub when it first opened its doors. He wanted to own a pub that he would spend his time in. That meant the Green Dragon had to evince rural charm, it had to serve simple, delicious food and it had to be free of the modern trappings that had made pubs so inescapably detestable to him. He wasn’t concerned with making the Green Dragon ‘snobby’ by any measure, but he laid down strict ground-rules to the successive owners to ensure that his pub would never be home to ‘noisy arcade machines, ghastly slots games or awful jukebox machines’.

We’ve kept in line with his recommendations to the tee and added a few eccentricities of our own to ensure that the Green Dragon has remained a comfortable place to enjoy a few pints. We knew that our founder was keen on a bit of music, so whilst we’ve not installed any jukeboxes, we do take vinyl requests from our drinkers. Just take a look at our catalogue and put your request in at the bar, just bear in mind you might be waiting a while to hear your pick as we always play records in their entirety.

There are no slot machines or arcade games here, but we do have a wide selection of board games and copious decks of cards to get your mitts on. Rental of playing cards comes with a £3 deposit and board games have a deposit of £10. You can ask at the bar for recommendations, our staff all have a passing knowledge of our selection and will be able to give you a quick run down should you wish.

We’re happy with the changes that we’ve made to this place over the years, but there’s one aspect of the pub that we’ve been reluctant to adapt, no matter how hideous it might appear. Our signage hasn’t been changed since the pub first opened in 1983 and whilst we could argue that the iconic Dragon has a certain vintage charm to it, we’re frequently told that it’s an eyesore by journalists and fellow publicans.

Having consulted with graphic designers, we sent off our finished ideas to a vinyl printers who we heard are the top dogs of CNC cutting in London. Over the next few weeks we’ll slowly be transforming the interior of the pub, erasing all evidence of our ‘retro’ design work and retconning it with our fresh, funky designs which should sit pretty at the Green Dragon for the next 30 years. So don’t be alarmed if you see that the Dragon has disappeared over night, we’ve not changed hands and we’re not closing shop – we’re just getting a face lift!

Escape the Six Nations: Our Alternative Events Itinerary

Race Statue Run Sprint Human Movement Run Away

If you’ve not guess by now, we’re not your average city boozer.

When our manager opened the Green Dragon back in 1983, he did so with the intention of creating a space that offers weary urbanites the chance to relax and switch off from modern life. He pined for the rural pubs that he’d visited in his youth and wanted to bring that same bucolic vibe to the city. He designed our pub to be a post-modern marvel, a building that recalled the past whilst flatly denying certain aspects of our present day hence the lack of any televisions and the proliferation of book cases!

Little did he know that over 30 years later, the world would be even more hectic and modern life would have us shackled with even more bizarre gadgets and gizmos. Whilst we haven’t gone as far as to ban mobile phones in our pub, we have stuck to our founder’s original vision of a pub without televisions which makes it a perfect place to escape this year’s Six Nations…

Starting from the 1st February onwards we’ll be offering an alternative itinerary that will provide much needed asylum for any rugby refugees who need it:

Let The Games Begin: Board Game Bonanza

1st February, from 6pm

We kick off our alternative itinerary with a huge board game blow-out that is bound to be a hit with Rugby widowers looking for a bit of friendly competition. We’ll be emptying our games coffers, not to mention bringing a few extra special ones out of the closet to share with you all. Drop in at any time from 6pm and jump into a game when a space opens up. There’ll be plenty of variety, from marathon length role-players to quick-fire rounds of cards, so you should find something to your taste.

Crafty Saturdays

Starting Saturday 2nd February to 16th March, 2pm-5pm

Turn your frustrations into something creative at our regular Saturday Craft workshops. We’ll have a whole bevvy of materials and tools that you’re at liberty to use, so if you’ve got a backlog of DIY cards to put together we’ll have you covered. Each week we’ll be inviting a specialist crafter who will be demonstrating their particular talent and showing you how to do the same. There’ll also be a few stalls selling wares, should you wish to take a sneaky short-cut.

Quiz Me Silly

Starting Saturday 2nd February to 16th March, 6pm-9pm

There’ll be strictly no Sports round at this quiz, which will stretch your knowledge in every other area. In Green Dragon tradition, team entry is absolutely free so we won’t be offering any cash prizes, but there will be the opportunity throughout the quiz to win food sharers for your table and a few cheeky drinks. The grand prize is a slap up roast dinner for team member that can be cashed in on any following Sunday.

Classic Sunday Afternoon Movies

Starting Sunday 3rd February to 17th March, from 3pm

We might not have any telly screens here at the Green Dragon, but we do have a real film projector and an ever-growing selection of classic movies. Drop in every Sunday afternoon to catch a classic movie, get comfy in our screening room, order pints to your seat and help yourself to complementary popcorn whilst you’re at it. Entrance is strictly limited to 20 people on a first come first served basis for £5 a ticket. Check in the pub for our complete schedule.