Green Dragon Pub

Day: April 2, 2019

4 New Beers Coming Soon & New Menu

This month we welcome a whole host of exciting new beers, not to mention introducing an exciting line-up of winter warmers to our food menu that should go some way to banishing any blues you’ve still got left lingering from January.

The first quarter is always a tough time of year for city-dwellers. Many of our regulars are slave to the 9-5, which has slowly transformed into the 8-6 and started to bleed into the weekend. During these harsh, post-Christmas Winter months they’re lucky to get even a few minutes of sunlight per day, so moods can be at an all time low. Luckily we’ve been busying away seeking out some fresh beers to pour at the Green Dragon and our chefs have been devising some ideal comfort food that should go some way to turning those frowns upside down!

Handyman x Sprawl Scotch Ale – 4.7%

The moonlighting brewers at the Handyman Supermarket (a chic Liverpool bar and micro-brewery) are all architects by day, but that doesn’t seem to affect the superlative quality of their ales which they’ve been pumping out for a couple of years now. This is their 14th brew and marks another successful collaboration, this time with pop-up dining club Sprawl Kitchen who helped them brew this spectacular Scottish style heavy ale.

Beavertown Black Betty – 7.4%

With hand pump and can designs that are consistently as barmy as they are eye-catching, Beavertown has become one of the most successfully exported craft beers from London, it also helps that their beer is a real treat to drink! This particular brew is one that we’ve been waiting a while to get our hands on. A complete contradiction in terms, this Black IPA comes with a dark steak featuring aniseed and a slight roast to imitate the classic ‘Black Jacks Fruit Salad’ sweets – a must-try!

Fuller’s Vintage Ale – 8.5%

At over 200 years old, Fuller’s is one of the longest surviving brewers in London, so its Vintage Ale has certainly earned it’s name. This spicy, warm and very hoppy ale is cellared for a few years to develop its full character, giving it a surprisingly complex backbone of red fruit, tobacco and port-like notes. This is a true London standard and one that should certainly not be missed!

The Kernel London Sour

Rounding off the last of our new beers, this Sour is leading the charge for its kind. For those not familiar, Sour beers are brewed to have an acidic or tart taste, they’re incredibly refreshing and can often be just the thing to start a night of adventurous ale sipping. The Kernel London Sour is a cracking addition to the party and wears its Berliner Weisse inspirations firmly on its sleeve. Hints of lemon and pomegranate make this a sure-fire winner and a great first Sour for newcomers.

Winter Warmers a’plenty!

Our chefs have got just the ticket to help you bust those Winter blues and it comes in the form of huge steaming plates of grub. The new star-attraction, unlikely as it might sound, is our Cottage Pie. Made with quality British beef, heritage vegetables and topped with an irresistible cheesy-mash, this comfort food done right and will perfectly pair with one of our new guest ales.

If you’re looking for something to share then we’d be happy to present to you our newly devised Nacho Sharers. We layer lightly salted tortilla chips with stringy mozzarella, mature cheddar, fresh salsa and sweet red chillies to create a huge plate of gooey-crunchy delight. Add to that a couple of stellar dips and you’ve got the perfect plate to share amongst friends with a couple of pints.…

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